Summer Camp

The Episcopal School offers a camp for currently enrolled children. Camp, staffed by current teachers and experienced counselors, is held Monday through Friday the first three weeks of June.
Outdoor Activities
In addition to the School's two outdoor play areas, the proximity to Central Park allows for frequent outdoor play and large motor activities. Running, racing, jumping rope, climbing, throwing, catching, playing ball and various games are all part of the outdoor program.

Creative Arts
Creative movement, music and drama classes encourage self-discovery and a lively imagination. In addition, the children enjoy participating in the Episcopal circus, songs around the campfire, a musical train, and a whimsical tea party.

Frequent trips add another dimension to a camper's week. Visits to attractions such as The Central Park Zoo, Fishing at the Harlem Meer, Victorian Gardens and Randall's Island Urban Garden delight the children and provide age appropriate learning experiences.

Arts and Crafts
Campers attend art class where they work with a variety of materials, such as poster paints, sand art, play dough, clay, paper maché, collage, and sewing. The program includes working with wood, tiles, beads, and the making of actual paper.

Water Play
The roof and play deck are equipped with sprinklers. This daily activity provides a lively and refreshing experience.

Special Events
Special Events are planned to enhance the camp program. Campers look forward to a wide variety of fun-filled experiences.  Popular events include:

Animal Man
Hawaiian Luau Day
Olympics Day
Pirate Day
Special Snack Day
A visit from certified therapy dogs